Music City Leadership

Stories from Nashville’s music history come alive to teach lessons of innovation leadership to today’s business leaders.
This immersive 1/2, full day or 2-day educational workshop helps build teams and develop individuals by demonstrating how innovative business leaders from Nashville’s past helped transform both Nashville and, ultimately, the larger music industry.   

Music historians will bring your group to the locations where historic, innovative industry making and industry-changing decisions were made.  They explain how individuals and events from history led to Nashville becoming “Music City.”  While participants travel between sites, they check in on their PDAs to review a “story map” that reviews in detail additional information about the area through which they are passing.   Business faculty through facilitated discussion, small group exercises and business simulations, then help participants isolate the business innovation concepts that lie within the stories they’ve heard and help translate those concepts into actionable, transferable skills.
Things You’ll Learn
  • How to overcome barriers to innovation
  • The story of an innovative insurance executive, the creation of WSM radio and “the Grand Ole Opry”
  • Proven methods for generating, assessing and implementing ideas in your organization
  • The story of Roy Acuff and how one night at the Ryman gave birth to the publishing industry
  • Defining and analyzing problems and developing viable action plans
  • How innovation and collaboration work in a recording studio