Crucial Conversations

Participants observe a live crucial conversation, take part in simulated role playing customized to reflect recognizable, industry and job-specific work place scenarios, and debrief with fellow participants to share best practices on successfully navigating these important interactions
Participants observe local, professional actors perform a scene from a well-known play in which a crucial conversation takes place.  After a facilitated discussion to deconstruct what they saw, participants take part in a series of small group, “speed dating” exercises that include simulated discussions and role playing and provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer observational feedback.  What follows are large group debrief sessions where best practices are shared, individual thinking is transformed and workplace behavior is changed.
Things You’ll Learn
  • Why you should embrace (rather than avoid) a crucial conversations
  • Recognizing when you are in fact in a  crucial conversation
  • Best practices in anticipating, identifying and neutralizing combative situations
  • How to listen actively and offer constructive feedback
  • Strategies for creating an interactive workplace culture that is safe, constructive and collaborative