Battle of Franklin

An immersive leadership development workshop that promotes team building and helps business executives and corporate groups examine personal leadership skills by focusing on decisions made before, during and after one of the most critical conflicts in the Civil War.
In the fall of 1864, the five bloodiest hours in the Civil War took place in Franklin, Tennessee. The number of Americans killed at Franklin rivals the casualties at Omaha Beach during WWII’s Normandy invasion.

The Battle of Franklin Leadership Experience is made up of two distinct but integrated sessions: 

The stories reflect critical decisions made and how, in some cases, those decisions changed the course of history.  The immersion is enhanced as participants tour the historic sites.  Each person is invited to view additional historic information via a customized Battle of Franklin “story map” app  created for their personal mobile devices.

The second session, facilitated by subject matter experts and area university faculty, bridges the past with the present. It examines how the lessons learned long ago are applicable to business challenges that executives face today.  Some of the issues addressed in this customized workshop have included change management, strategic thinking, communication, innovation, crisis management and inspirational leadership.
Things You’ll Learn
  • How collaboration and a willingness to innovate can lead to success
  • The importance of accountability and taking ownership during a crisis
  • How Emotional Intelligence effects the decision making process
  • How leaders managed change (successfully and unsuccessfully) before, during and after the Civil War Battle of Franklin
  • Tools to; improve your decision making, help you prioritize, distinguish between those things over which you do and do not have control